Judy Enright


The Marketplace


From early childhood art has been my passion.  Recognized by my instructors for my abilities, I continued to develop my skills that led me to the University of 
Michigan where I graduated with a BFA With Honors in painting.  

My inspiration for each multi-dimensional canvas begins by reflecting on my love of nature and my interest in all cultures and religions.  With my studies and experiences I try to convey a new way of thinking using the myriad choices available in visual imagery including my own sketches and photos.

Using symbols reaching as far  back as the Renaissance, I add a touch of humor to make all the works unique. My works can be found displayed across a  wide range of professions. In particular, my works are most sought after by health, technology, and financial institutions.

With the multiple ways of communicating today, art is still the king of the unspoken word.

Art feeds me. 

© Judy Enright 2012